Weddings and Social Media

Do you remember the Huffington Post article I shared on Facebook a little while ago, about hiring a social media concierge for your wedding? Well it seems that the (relatively) new focus on social media at weddings is here to stay. Personally I love social media. I think it’s cool when couples create a custom hashtag for their wedding, or when they invite guests to take and post pictures of their wedding. So when I saw this article about a company called WeddingMix, it caught my attention.


WeddingMix is a different kind of videography service that both encourages and enables guests to help you capture your wedding day. On their website the folks at WeddingMix put it this way: “As the day goes by, you’ll quickly realize there’s a big party going on and you’re missing many of the best moments. How do you make sure to capture it all? Rely on those who know you best – your bridal party, family, and friends who will be armed and ready to shoot the videos and photos they know you’ll want.”

The Upside of Social Media

As cheesy as it may sound, I am in the business of creating memories. I think that any wedding vendor should feel the same way. My job is to create a meaningful, customized ceremony all about you, and to present it in a way that reflects you as a couple. It’s the photographer and videographer’s job to capture it all.

The case for social media at a wedding is simple. Your photographer is only human, and can only be in so many places at once. Plus, it’s natural that your friends and family would want to snap and share a couple of pictures of your wedding. Why not take it to the next level with something like WeddingMix, and edit those pictures and video into something special?

The Downside of Social Media

The case against social media at weddings is equally as simple and can be told in the following pictures courtesy of an article I found at Scarlet Plan & Design.


Suddenly everybody is Annie Liebovitz or Ansel Adams! What’s worse is that they’re all competing for a shot, and in the process, disrupting the proceedings.

I have seen many a guest jump into the aisle and sometimes even up to the altar to snap a picture with their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. I’ve marveled as they have blocked and jockeyed for position with the paid photographers and videographers just to get their 8 megapixel memory.

There is something to be said for putting your phones away and being present in the day. I think it’s equally cool when a couple bans cell phones in favor of an unplugged wedding.

Unplugged Wedding

What Do You Think?

It’s all about personal preference. As your wedding officiant it makes no difference to me. You can hire that social media concierge if you like, or you can ban cell phones at the door. I’ll still deliver an amazing ceremony that you, your family, and your friends will love. How you remember it is up to you.