My Time in a Wedding Photo Booth

When I joined The Wave Lounge¬†earlier this year, I saw that all of the vendors in the lounge had a wedding photo booth strip next to their business cards (you need to come to the office and check it out). Of course I needed to get my wedding photo booth picture too, but the wedding photo booths are always booked and I hadn’t had the opportunity until today.

http://yourcustomceremony.net - Wedding Photo Booth

Today I got to spend some time in one of the Water Tree Events Photo-Video booths. I’d heard some great things about this wedding photo booth and let me tell you that it’s all true! This is the Cadillac of photo booths. First of all, it’s huge! I’m a big guy and I could lie down in there, jump, etc. Megan (of Water Tree Events) says it fits 10 and it definitely does. Secondly, it’s got tons of props. Glasses, hats, swords, a giant stuffed teddy bear, all sort of signs, a huge plush weiner dog, you name it. Third, the camera quality is amazing! The pictures in this post are scans (and my scanner is dusty). I was playing around with the photo¬†booth after hours, so I don’t have the originals, but I will post them when I get them. Fourth, you can do video! You can record messages to your friends, to the bride and groom, the guest of honor, or whomever. There are games you can play and everything.

http://yourcustomceremony.net - Wedding Photo Booth 2

I see now why wedding photo booths are so popular and I’ve embraced the wedding photo booth craze. I had a lot of fun taking goofy pictures and now I have my photo strip just like everyone else. If you want a photo booth at your wedding or special event, call Megan at Water Tree Events right now! She is booked up from here to eternity, but if you’re lucky one of her two booths will be available. Believe me when I say that I have seen a ton of photo booths at weddings and the Water Tree Events photo booth crushes them all. And if you need a wedding officiant, contact me, Chaplain Chris today! You’ll even get a special Wave Lounge discount if you book us both.

http://yourcustomceremony.net - Wedding Photo Booth 3