July 1, 2014

Premarital Coaching


Couples that receive premarital advice have longer, happier, and more fulfilling marriages. Like my ceremonies, each premarital coaching plan is custom and unique to you as a couple and your specific needs.

Using the award-winning Prepare-Enrich assessment as my foundation, your premarital plan is unique to you as a couple and your specific goals.


Coaching vs. Counseling

In my opinion, counseling tends to focus on recovery whereas coaching is directed toward growth. A lot of counseling deals with emotional difficulties or behavioral problems due to past or recent wounds, trauma, or even to a chemical imbalance.

In contrast, I have observed coaching to be more in line with maximizing potential, discovering things about yourself, and getting to the next level in your life and in your relationship.

As a coach, my goal is to design a plan of action to change or improve your relationship, which will help you reach that next level. Like a coach on the sideline, I am right there alongside you providing encouragement, feedback, and guidance as you execute our plan.



The Prepare-Enrich couple’s assessment is designed to identify your strengths as a couple, but it will also reveal opportunities for growth. After completing the assessment you will receive a detailed Couple’s Report.

This report includes feedback on how you and your (future) spouse view and value the 12 Relationship Scales which include communication, conflict resolution, relationship roles, sexual expectations, financial management, spiritual beliefs, and more.

Click Here for a Sample Couples Report

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Once your strengths and growth areas have been identified, we work together to manage your marital expectations, promote true communication, and gain a better understanding of your (future) spouse.

This assessment is very detailed but it is also fun. By taking it, you will join more than 3 million couples over the last 30 years, that have taken and benefited from the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment. It is the #1 relationship inventory and couples assessment tool in the world.

The Couple’s Report also provides five SCOPE Personality Scales that describe your personality and how you as an individual operate, four Couple and Family Scales that provide valuable insight into your family background and expectations, and four Relationship Dynamic Scales to provide insight into how your relationship works.

These tools will help you understand yourself, your (future) spouse, and your relationship. You can learn more about the Prepare-Enrich assessment here.


Going Deeper

Based on the information provided in your Couple’s Report, I put together a custom plan of action to help you reach your relationship goals. 

There are 12 primary Relationship Scales identified in the assessment and I have workshops and exercises for each topic. Together we’ll select and prioritize the topics that you feel will be most beneficial to your marriage.

Then, we can walk through these exercises and workshops together. There is also an option for group sessions if you are more comfortable in a group setting. 

Contact me now with any questions about premarital or marital coaching and counseling, or simply to schedule your first session. I look forward to working with you.