First Or Last

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As a wedding officiant here in Orange County I have performed dozens of weddings, and in my experience I’ve noticed something. I’ve noticed that compared to other wedding vendors, I am usually the last thing to be checked off the bridal to-do list. I’m not sensitive about it. Whether you call me first or call me last, I am happy to answer the call. 

But think about it. When it comes to wedding planning most couples choose the date, the venue, the food, the flowers, the photographer, the music, the videographer, and even the photo booth before remembering that somebody actually has to guide them through the ceremony itself. It’s not that the officiant isn’t important, it’s just that we’re not what you imagine on your big day. 

The Proof

I’ll prove it to you. Let’s do an exercise. When you’re ready I want you to close your eyes and imagine your wedding ceremony. If you’re married, try to remember back to your ceremony. If you’re engaged, imagine what your big day will look like. Got it? Okay… Go!


Hey! No peeking.
Hey! No peeking.


Are you done? Good. You probably remembered/imagined you and your (future) husband or wife standing there at the altar gazing longingly into each other’s eyes. You were probably holding hands or embraced in that special first kiss. Did you imagine the officiant? Probably not. 

Last Minute Bennett

This is why I am king of the last minute weddings. Sure, I have lots of weddings booked for 2015 already, and even one for 2016, but as my wife pointed out to me last night, I usually get 2 or 3 bookings about a month out, and sometimes even just a couple of weeks out. Seriously, go read my reviews. How many of them say last minute? Quite a few.

Wedding Calendar


Sometimes I’m First

Every once in a while I get a call and I am the first person that they’ve contacted. Usually it’s because the bride has a certain vision and she needs someone in particular to fill that vision be it a themed wedding, or a funny wedding, etc. Sometimes I get called first because the bride or groom (and sometimes their parents) are of a particular faith and either their pastor can’t make it or they don’t have a home church, but they want their beliefs and their faith to be reflected in the ceremony. In that case the officiant becomes very important and I am one of the first people they call. 

Serious Business 

Whether first or last there’s no denying the importance of the wedding officiant. Remember that exercise earlier where you close your eyes and imagined/remembered your wedding ceremony? Now you don’t have to close your eyes, but let’s imagine/remember your ceremony again, but this time imagine that your officiant calls you or your spouse the wrong name, or shows up late, or comes in a wrinkled or dirty outfit. I’ve read the competition’s reviews and this kind of thing happens. As your wedding officiant, I may not be the first thing you think of, but when it’s time for your wedding ceremony, I am the first thing that you and your guests see. Before the food, before the music, before the bouquet toss, or the Chicken dance (do they still do that?), it’s me.


Yep. That's me.
Yep. That’s me.

So whether you contact me first or last, just make sure that you contact the right person. If you want a custom and unique ceremony like the ones that I do, the more time we have, the better. Thanks for reading. Be sure to contact me with any question, or to book your consultation.