Fun Wedding Officiant

Wedding planning should be fun, and with me, it usually is. Here’s a picture from a few days ago with my friend and a future bride Maggie goofing around in the Water Tree Events photo booth after a consultation.

Chaplain Chris and future bride Maggie having fun in the Water Tree Events photobooth

Stress is a natural part of planning an event as big as your wedding, but does it look like she’s stressing? Maggie, her fiance Tyler and I have had a blast getting to know each other and planning their custom ceremony.

I don’t post this to brag as I’m sure that lots of officiants have fun with their couples, but rather to give you some insight into my process. My couples know that I am ready and willing to answer any questions and to get together as many times as needed to make sure that your wedding is perfect. This photo was taken after our second meeting, and chances are we’ll probably get together again to go over some final details before they tie the knot.

Our first contact is usually by phone. I prefer to call and speak to someone for a few minutes to introduce myself. On this call or soon after, we’ll schedule a face-to-face consultation.

The initial consultation is typically a getting to know you session where we talk, ask and answer questions, and discuss your vision for the ceremony. From there I would send you what I call “homework”. The homework is a series of questions designed to dig deeper into your relationship. You cannot discuss or help each other with these questions. They are top secret. You answer them and send them directly to me. I then use some of those answers in your ceremony. You and your future spouse will hear what each other wrote for the first time at the ceremony. It’s fun and is usually very touching.

If you choose to take advantage of my included premarital coaching, that’s another time that we’ll get together. The backbone of my premarital coaching program is a detailed couple’s assessment. Don’t worry. This assessment is designed to identify your strengths as a couple, but it will also reveal opportunities for growth. This resulting couple’s report is very thorough, but I make it fun. We go over the material together, and doing so helps me better understand your relationship dynamic which in turn makes for a better ceremony.

Depending on the amount of time between the initial consultation and the ceremony, sometimes we get together for a refresher a few weeks before the ceremony. During the refresher, we go over details and discuss any possible changes. Based on the notes I take from the consultation, your homework answers, and any other information gathered, I put together Your Custom Ceremony.

Do you want to have fun planning your custom wedding ceremony, and even more fun the day of? Do you want a fun wedding officiant? Contact me now and let’s get started.