Laguna Beach Wedding Officiant

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Not too long ago I came across an article naming the Best Places to Get Married in Orange County and it was no surprise that 5 of the 9 venues listed were in Laguna Beach. Laguna is one of my favorite places to officiate weddings. The Gazebo at Heisler Park is gorgeous, and the view is magical. It’s a pretty popular location, but if you can reserve it (and once you find parking) it is definitely worth the effort.

Crystal Cove is beautiful. I think that everyone knows that. Getting down to the tide pools with the kids is a popular past time for families like mine, and for weddings it is hard to beat being right on the sand. Still the views are amazing further away overlooking the water. I did a wedding at Crescent Bay Point Park in Laguna Beach back in May 2014 California. It was uncharacteristically overcast but it was a beautiful day with a beautiful view nonetheless.


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The wedding party and yours truly at Crescent Bay Park in Laguna Beach.


The view from Crescent Bay Park
The view from Crescent Bay Park


My Private Beach

I have a special secluded spot that I found that is perfect for beach weddings. Although I jokingly call it my “private” beach it’s a perfectly public place, but having performed two ceremonies and a vow renewal there in 2014, I noticed that it was never crowded. So where is this private beach you ask? It’s top secret, but I will tell you that it is gorgeous and if you contact me I’ll tell you where to find it. It is perfect for elopements so if you’re coming from out of town, or just want to get married with your toes in the sand, this Laguna Beach location could work out perfect for you. Here are a couple of pictures.

This picture says it all.
This picture says it all.
Another happy couple!
Another happy couple on the sand in Laguna Beach!


Forgive the low quality cell phone picture.
Forgive the low quality cell phone picture.


There isn’t much more that I can add to what these pictures already say. Laguna Beach is beautiful and it’s a joy to be a Laguna Beach Wedding officiant. If you want to have your custom ceremony in Laguna Beach or anywhere across Southern California for that matter, contact me now to check availability. Thanks for reading!