Interfaith Intercultural Wedding Officiant

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Wednesday at the Wedding Wire World SoCal Conference I had the pleasure of meeting Neema from Wedding Store 24.


Wedding Store 24 Logo

According to their website Wedding Store 24 is “located in the heart of Little India (Artesia, CA)” and their “storefront exists as a ‘One-Stop Bridal Resource Studio’ in a centralized location for South Asian Brides to explore our glamorous showroom and creative exhibitions of the twenty-four (24) different categorical components that make up a South Asian wedding!”

Neema and I spoke about being an interfaith intercultural wedding officiant and how there is a unique opportunity for wedding vendors, and specifically wedding officiants to fill that particular niche. It just so happens that Interracial marriage is something I know a thing or two about, as is interfaith and intercultural marriage.

Me and my wife Jenny on our wedding day.
Me and my wife Jenny on our wedding day.

Growing up in Cerritos, CA (which is right next door to Artesia where Wedding Store 24 is located) I was exposed to all sorts of different ethnicities and cultures. When I moved there in 1988, Cerritos was named the most “ethnically diverse” city in the nation in a Cal State Northridge study. Even today, according to Buzz Feed and City Data, Cerritos ranks among the most diverse. So it’s no wonder that my sisters and I married outside our ethnicity and culture.

One of my favorite weddings of all time was my little sister’s wedding. She married an Indian man that she met in high school. Indian weddings are beautiful. I learned a lot about them being a groomsman for my sister and brother-in-law.

A family picture taken at my little sister Amber's wedding.
A family picture taken at my little sister Amber’s wedding.
Another family picture taken the same day at my little sister Amber's wedding.
Another family picture taken the same day at my little sister Amber’s wedding.

My sister had a dual ceremony wedding with both a Hindu ceremony and a Christian ceremony, and I am told by Neema that this is very common these days. When people of two different faiths or backgrounds come together, it seems natural to give honor and respect to both. Finding a wedding officiant that can do both ceremonies might be a tall order (my sister had two different officiants), but finding an officiant that respects both faiths and cultures shouldn’t be.

Chaplain Chris and his wife Jenny at his sister's wedding

When it comes to hiring an officiant for your interfaith or intercultural wedding ceremony, it pays to choose someone with experience. While I think most every officiant is willing to perform any ceremony or ritual for your wedding day, I personally would feel more confident going with someone who is comfortable and familiar with what you want. This is why I’ll be working with Wedding Store 24 in the future to reach out to more South Asian couples. As the demand for interfaith and intercultural wedding ceremonies increases, so will the demand for prepared and qualified wedding officiants.

If you personally are searching for a wedding officiant for your own “Inter” wedding please call me now at 949-342-4275 to check availability, and to get started planning your custom ceremony.

Contact Chaplain Chris and Your Custom Ceremony today.