Holiday Proposals

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Ladies and gentlemen the time is now for holiday proposals. The season is about to begin. I don’t mean the holiday season! Well I do, but I call it something else. I call it, engagement season! It’s a well documented and accepted fact that nearly 40% of all proposals and engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, and as your wedding officiant, I’m getting ready.

I wish my arms looked like that.
I wish my arms looked like that.


Last year I wrote a cheeky blog called Tis the Season about the holidays, holiday proposals, and reasons to propose this year. With so many new readers and followers, I figured I’d revisit it with a couple of updates. So if you’re ready, here it goes.

Tis the Season

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The jewelry store ads have kicked it into high gear and whether you know it or not, your significant other is taking mental inventory of your relationship. During the holidays it’s only natural to reflect on the year past, and to think of what you’d like to accomplish in the year to come. For some it’s as simple as losing weight or finding a better job, but for others it’s time to take their relationship to the next level.

Get Married
Get Married

I wanted to understand why we see such a dramatic spike in engagements this time of year, so I started doing a bit of research. I started by searching “holiday proposal” followed by “Christmas Wedding Proposal” and “Holiday Engagement”. Google searching yielded plenty of tips and tricks on how to get your boyfriend to propose, but not a lot of reasons behind the holiday spike. What was even more interesting to me were the “Will He Propose?” articles and quizzes.

We have a winner!
We have a winner!

Just about every “Will He?” article and quiz pointed to a greater likelihood of proposal around the holidays and Valentine’s Day. Finally I came across this article from the Washington Post. In it, Wedding Wire offers some great insight to this phenomena and the numbers to back it up.

According to Wedding Wire, 33 percent of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and author Ellen McCarthy reasons, “if a guy’s gonna pop the question eventually, he might as well use the opportunity to avoid shopping for a holiday gift and kill two birds with — ahem — one stone.” However I think there’s more to it. By that I mean that there are, or at the very least could be more factors that contribute to this spike in engagements and I want to examine them now.

Aunt Sheila

Aunt Sheila is that annoying relative that always asks, “When are you going to get married?” Or even worse she says things like, “Why would he buy the cow when he’s getting the milk for free?”

Him again?
Him again?

Uncle Al

The flip side to Aunt Sheila is Uncle Al.

You again?
You again?

Uncle Al scowls at you across the table and loudly asks questions like, “When are you gonna make an honest woman of her?” I pity the fool that has an Aunt Sheila and an Uncle Al.


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Whether you are saving it for marriage or you already have two kids together, public displays of affection at your parent’s house can be odd. However with the holidays, the awkwardness hits an all-time-high, especially if you’re staying the night (more on that later). Going to her parent’s place for three times over the holidays? That’s three days of acting more like lab partners than lovers, forcing you to save your affections until you’re all alone. That is unless…

Separate Bedrooms

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Nothing is more strange than sleeping separate from the person you sleep next to every night. What’s worse is when your parents discuss the sleeping arrangements. Finally being able to sleep next to your significant other without family stigma (see Aunt Sheila) is enough to make a man go ring shopping.

Grandchildren Guilt

Has your girl or guy’s Mother ever said: “What I really want are some grandchildren.”? Are you sick of hearing that yet? Chances are your future spouse is too. A proposal just might get your Mom (or future Mother-In-Law) to pump her brakes, except that then she might start knitting booties.

Seven pairs should do it.
Seven pairs should do it.

That’s my take on holiday proposals. What’s yours? Did you propose or get engaged over the holidays? Do you have an Aunt Sheila or is your future Mother-In-Law already knitting? Be sure to post a comment on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

If you are getting married or even just getting engaged, you’ll need an officiant to perform the wedding and I happen to be one of the best. So bookmark me so that you can contact me when you’re ready, or call me now to check availability at 949-342-4275.

Thank you for reading.