June 21, 2014

About Me

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My name is Chris Dickens and I absolutely love what I do. I perform religious and secular (non-religious) ceremonies for couples all over Southern California. My business is based on getting to know your story, so I figure it’s only fair for me to share a bit about my story too. Below you’ll find a few words about my faith, my family, and my philosophy.


My Faith

Years ago, after receiving a calling to ministry I took a position working with a Christian Non-Profit organization as an Associate Chaplain. Though I have moved on from the Non-Profit organization, I am currently working as a Pastor at a wonderful church in Santa Ana. I also attend Vanguard University where I am pursuing my Bachelor’s in Religion with plans to attend seminary thereafter.


Me and my wife Jenny on our wedding day.

Me and my wife Jenny on our wedding day.

My Family

I am married to a wonderful woman, and I have three beautiful children. I was born and raised here in Southern California but lived in Colorado for four years. My background is in sales but I also have a lot of experience working in entertainment including years of experience in stand-up comedy and screenwriting. When it comes to hobbies, my wife says that I am a nerd and she’s right. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, comic books, going to conventions, and plenty of nerdy stuff.


Yes, I am that nerdy.

Yes, I am that nerdy.

My Philosophy

Back in 2010, I was asked by a good friend of mine to perform his wedding ceremony. I agreed, and I loved every minute of it. Soon after my services were requested by a number of friends and family members, and before I knew it, my business was born! This is my passion and something that I enjoy doing. I love meeting couples and hearing how they met, what they love about each other, and any other stories or information that may be included in their ceremony. As a former stand-up comedian, I love to entertain and to make people laugh, however, as a pastor I am willing and able to give your ceremony the reverence that it deserves.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions about me or my services.